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Together, let’s help keep Nature Fresh.

By recycling soft plastics in the right bin, you keep them out of landfill. That’s not only great for the planet but also sets aside soft plastic to be processed into something new.

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But, what is soft plastic?

It can be hard to tell sometimes. Try scrunching it into a ball and if it doesn’t bounce back you can recycle it in a soft plastic bin, just make sure it’s clean and dry. To collect up your soft plastic at home our Nature’s Fresh bag doubles as a handy storage bag. When you’re ready, use our bin locator to see where your closest bin is.

What is the Love NZ Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme?

Soft Plastic Recycling has specially marked bins in handy locations around the country - like your local supermarket. The soft plastic is collected from these bins and sent to processors, like Future Post, who turn the plastic into other useful items such as fence posts. We are proud to have a role in this scheme, with our empty Nature’s Fresh trucks being used to collect plastic from Christchurch before transporting it back to Auckland to be processed. 

For more information about these bins and soft plastic recycling visit